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The site is located by the Brisbane river in Australia. The traffic condition is complex, which is often troubled by floods, and the change of tide water level can reach nearly two meters in a day. We design around this, by introducing a river to the site to sort out the traffic and activating the local development.

Wecroak is a phone app that devised to remind people five times a day at random intervals that they’re going to die. According to the designer, by contemplating death the users’ll find happiness eventually. The app also brought the forbidden topic in many culture---death, into discussion publicly. In order to dig deeper into this topic, our studio members all signed on this app. We all agree that this app at first, is a great tool to remind you living in the moment, however, it just doesn’t work as effective as the comments online described. As  Ruth said in her article outing death, “WeCroak alerts have become routine enough to ignore, at worst a gnat-like irritant.” 
Nevertheless, app like this is provoking and important, for it brings more people to realize that mortality is  also a significant part of life.

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