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“How do you waste your life?”
Stop trying and feeling satisfied about yourself. Complaining about how unfair life is and do nothing about it.
Walk in the mortuary of passing light, experience life in all forms, experience death.

While it may appear we speak of the deceased, we actuallly speak of the living.
The crematorium, mausoleum and sanctuary is meaningless to the dead, all the ritual and the ceremony is for the living to say their last goodbyes. In many cultures and socities people may see death as a taboo that can never be spoken of, death itself, therefore, are seen as a dreadful and sad event that people are reluctant to face.
This design hopes to present its visitors a journey of life-from the circuitous journey of living and the seeming dark path of death, by walking through different section of life, maybe they'll have their own answers face the fact, and then receiving the last message from their beloved ones-forget all about me, a fabulous awaits.

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